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(Find out about Maternity Payments – Family Assistance Payments – Australian Government)

Abortion Issues

Abortion – Better Health Channel (Aust)

Abortion – Independent women’s health information – Woman’s Health Victoria

Birth Issues

• Birth Defects – Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (US)

• Pregnancy facts – NetDoctor (UK)


• Circumcision Information Australia

Down Syndrome

• Down Syndrome Australia

• Downs Syndrome Support Group (US)

Infertility Issues

• Aust & NZ Infertility Clinics – Nornet (Aust)

• Legislation - NSW

Male reproductive health – Andrology Australia

Kids with Learning Disabilities

• Learning Disabilities & Difficulties - Great Schools (US)

Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Premature Baby Issues

• Pregnancy loss Australia - Australia Wide Service Directory


• Ask Evelyn – Evelyn Petersen (US)

• Parenting and Child Health – Children,Youth & Women’s Health Service (Aus)

Babies and pregnancy – MyDr (Aust)

• Cord Blood Banking Services – Innovative Stem Cell Solutions (US)

• FPWA – Sexual Health Services WA

• Welcome Parents – Kidshealth (UK)

Post Natal Depression

Depression Counselling (Aust)

• Suicide Prevention (Aust)

Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

• Family planning NSW - Genital Herpes

Skin Conditions

• AllergyNet Australia - Eczema

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

• Reducing the risk of SIDS – Healthinsight (Aus)

Unsettled Babies

• Sleep and your baby – Better Health Channel (Vic)

• Crying and Unsettled babies – HealthInsight (Aus)

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