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Aboriginal Health Issues

• Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islanders Health - HealthSA

• Indigenous health – Medicare Australia – Australian Government

• Seniors - Aboriginal Health and Well Being (SA)


• Beyond Blue (Aust)

• Professional Counselling (Aust)

• The MoodGYM Training Program– ANU (Aust)

Eye Conditions

• Glaucoma Australia (Aust)


• About Epilepsy – Epilepsy Association Australia

Gay & Lesbian Health Issues

• Gay and lesbian health – Medline Plus (US)

Giving Up Smoking

• Action on Smoking & Health (ASH) Australia

• Avoiding weight gain – Quitsmoking (US)

• Lung Foundation Australia

• Quit Now - Australian Government

Hair Loss

• Hair loss, balding, hair shedding – DermNet (NZ)

Men's Health Issues

Prostate problems – Cancer Council (Vic)

Impotence Australia

Impotence guide (US)

Prostate cancer – Better Health Channel (Vic)

Vitamins E and the risk of Prostate Cancer – JAMA (US)

Screening Tests

BreastScreen Australia program

• Colonoscopy: examination of the colon – MyDr (Aust)

• Diatebes and kidney failure – Better Health Channel (Vic)

• Diabetes and urine glucose monitoring – MyDr (Aust)

• Electrocardiogram (ECG) – MyDr (Aust)

• Faecal occult blood test – MyDr (Aust)

• Full blood count – MyDr (Aust)

• Kidneys – Better Health Channel (Vic)

• Medical tests – MDAdvice (US)

PAP Screen Victoria

• What are Triglycerides? – MyDr (Aust) (Vic)

Sexual Abuse & Assault

• Sexual Abuse in Childhood – DVIRC (Aust)

• Sexual abuse and assault – trusted resources - HealthInsite (Aust)

• Sexual Assault – Qld Government

Women's Health Issues

Preserving Stem Cells – C’elle (US)

The Jean Hailes Foundation (Aust)

Vitamin Supplements May Boost Risk of Death Among Older Women: Study - U of Minnesota (US)

Women Information – The Virtual Medical Centre (Aust)

Women’s health issues – HealthInsite (Aust)

Young Adult Health Issues

• Children, Youth & Women's Health Service (SA)

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