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CAM for Pain Management

• Chronic Pain – Family Doctor(US)

• Glucosamine/Chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial (GAIT) – NCCAM(US)

• Glucosamine and Chondroiten for Knee Osteoarthritis – NEMJ.Com (US)

Lower Back Pain

• Early management of persistent non-specific low back pain– NICE(UK)

• Lower Back Pain – Family Doctor (US)

• Lower back pain fact sheet – NINDS (US)

Magnetic & chelation therapies

• Failure of magnetic therapy – Mad Scientist (US)

• Magnetic Therapy Fails Clinical Trials – BMJ.Com (UK)

Making Life Easier

• Blue Care (Aust)

• Independent Living Centres Australia Inc

• Anglicare Southern Queensland

Pain management

• Chronic pain management and the Psychologist – Anxiety Treatment Australia

• Exercise for Arthritis – Arthritis Queensland

Women’s fitness – Yoga for pain management (US)

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