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(Find out about the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register – Medicare – Australian Govt)

Child Health & Parenting Information

• Child & Youth Health –Women’s and Children's Health Service (Aust)

• Kids Health Info for Parents – Royal Children's Hospital (Aust)

• Raising Children Network – the Australian Parenting Website (Aust)


• Australian ADD/ADHD Support Groups (Aust)

• Draft Australian Guidelines on ADHD (Aust)


• Bedwetting – KidsHealth (UK)


• Bullyingnoway (Aust)

• Understanding racism – Racismnoway (Aust)

Cerebral Palsy

• Cerebral Palsy Australia

Child Abuse

• Child abuse – Women's and Children's Health Network (Aust)

• Child Abuse Prevention Service (Aust)

• Child Wise (Aust)

Child Health

• For Kids – Kidshealth (UK)

• Kids Health - Women's and Children's Health Netework (Aust)

• Lice- trusted resources – HealthInsite (Aust)

Child Safety

• Protecting children - Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services - (Qld)

Childhood Obesity

• Exercise for children – trusted resources - HealthInsite (Aust)

• Overweight children – healthy lifestyle tips – Better Health Channel (Vic)

Deaf Children

• AUSLAN – Australian Sign Language (Aust)

• Cochlear Implant – Design & Technology (Aust)

Nutrition and Diet

• Building a Healthy, Active Australia - Department of Health & Ageing (Australian Govt)


• Epilepsy for Kids - Epilespy Action Australia

Eye Conditions

• Children’s Glaucoma Association (US)

• Glaucoma Australia

• Vision Australia

Learning Disabilities

• Asperger Syndrome News (UK)

• Australian Advisory Board on Autism Spectrum Disorders (Aust)

• BiPolar Aware self help guide (UK)

• Conquer Fragile X Syndrome (US)

• Down Syndrome NSW

• Dyslexia Testing Services (Aust)

Seriously ill Children

• Make a Wish Foundation (Aust)

• Starlite Foundation (Aust)

Social Disorders

• Children and Social Anxiety (Aust)

• Dealing with Feelings – For Kids - KidsHealth (UK)

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