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Complementary medicines - are they effective? NPS Medicinewise (Aust)

Adverse Reactions to Medicine (phone 1300 134 237 – Australia)

Adverse Medical Events (problems with all medications) & Consumer Information

• Consumer information - NPS Medicinewise (Aust)

• Consumer Medicines Information conundrems - (Aust)

• Drug Herb Interactions - MIMS (Aust)

• Drug interactions with complementary medicine - (Aust)

• It's natural so it must be safe - (Aust)

• The interaction of CAM and Prescription Heart Medications -U.S. Pharmacist (US)

Cancer Treatments

• A Special Message to Cancer Patients seeking “Alternative” treatments – Quackwatch (US)

• Cancer –Vitamin C not effective – Quackwatch (US)

• How Tomatoes Flunked the FDA’s Anticancer Test (US)

Clinical trials and Research

• Alternative Health – (Aust)

• Healthwatch (UK)

• Clinical trials - National Institute of Health (US)

• Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) research- MJA (Aust)

• Complementary Medicine Research program - NPS MEDICINEWISE (Aust)

• Science-based medicine (US)

Complaints against Health Products

• Complaints List – Health Care Advertising - Therapeutic Goods Administration (Aust)

• Consumer Health Digest – National Council Against Health Fraud (US)

Diet Fraud

• Beware of fraudulent weight-loss "Dietary Supplements" - FDA (US)

• Diet Scam Watch (US)

• Diet - Choice (Aus)

• Quackery & Fraud - Healthy Weight Network (US)

• Slideshow - Food frauds that can wreck your diet- WebMB(US)

• The skinny on diet SCAMS - WebMB(US)

Herbal Research

• Herbal Medicine – MedlinePlus (US)

• Herbs at a Glance – NCCAM (US)

History of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)

• Dictionary – Skeptic (US)

Nutrition and Diet

• A Healthy, Active Australia - Department of Health & Ageing (Australian Government)

• Dietary Supplement Fact Sheets – NIH Office of Dietary Supplements (US)

• Effect of calcium or vitamin D supplementation on vascular outcomes: meta-analysis or randomized controlled trials- PubMed Library (US)

• Food Irradiation –Idoho State University (US)

• Food Standards Australia New Zealand

• Harvard School of Public Health – The nutrition source – Knowledge for healthy eating (US)

• Links to many nutrition and food related sites – Nutrition Arbor (US)

• Nutrition Impact – 5 Incredibly Sensible Steps to Less Body Fat – Glenn Cardwell (Aus)

Placebo effect

• All Placebos not created alike – Harvard Medical School(US)

• Placebo definition – Skepdic (US)

• New Science Breaking News –Placebos trigger an opioid hit in the brain – (UK)


• Vitamins- Controversies about CAM - Friends of science in medicine (Aust)

• Vitamins supplements - Healthy or Hoax? – American Heart Association (US)

• Effect of supplemental vitamin E for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease - PubMed Library (US)

• Meta-Analysis: High-Dosage Vitamin E Supplementation May Increase All-Cause Mortality - Annals of Internal Medicine (US)

• Multivitamin use and breast cancer incidence in a prospective cohort of Swedish women – PUBMED (US)

• Taking high doses of vitamins can do more harm than good - The Conversation (Aust)

• The Truth about Vitamins –ABC Catalyst (Aust)

• Vitamin C for preventing and treating the common cold – PubMed Library (US)

• Vitamins E and the risk of Prostate Cancer – JAMA (US)

• Vitamins E C usless against vision disorters - The Conversation (Aus)

• Vitamins - The Conversation (Aust)

• Vitamins: myths, facts, use and misuse – The Conversation (Aus)

• Vitamin Supplements May Boost Risk of Death Among Older Women: Study - Uni of Minnesota (US)


Exercise and Mind/Body Therapy Research

• Yoga – Yoga journal (US)

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Using Large Pulsing Magnets)

• Analgesic effects of treatments for non-specific low back pain: a meta-analysis of placebo-controlled randomized trials. – PUBMED (US)



• Acupuncture – Cochrane Library (UK)

• Acupunture & Traditional Chinese Medicine- Controversies about CAM - Friends of science in medicine (Aust)


• Aromatherapy – Cochrane Library (UK)

• Lavender & Tea Tree Oils may cause breast growth in boys – NIH (US)


• Cancer - Controversies about CAM - Friends of science in medicine (Aust)


• Chiropractic - Controversies about CAM - Friends of science in medicine (Aust)

Dietary Supplement Research

• Gingko Biloba? Forget about it. – SLATE (US)

• Glucosamine/Chondroitin Study – NCCAM (US)

• Vitamins – Controversies about CAM - Friends of science in medicine (Aust)


• Homeopathy- Controversies about CAM - Friends of science in medicine (Aust)

• Homeopathy – National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (US)

• Homeopathic remedy ineffective – BCC News (UK)

• Homeopathy no better than placebo – News in Science (Aust)

Kinesiology & manual muscle testing

• Applied kinesiology unreliable for assessing nutrient status – PubMed Library (US)

• Kinesiology - Controversies about CAM - Friends of science in medicine (Aust)

• Kinesiology and iridology for allergic diseases – PubMed Library (US)

Naturopathy & Iridology

• Analysis of iris: history and future – PubMed Library (US)

• Iridology – not useful and potentially harmful – PubMed Library (US)

• Naturopathy/ nutrition/iridology - Controversies about CAM - Friends of science in medicine)


• Homeopathy- Controversies about CAM - Friends of science in medicine (Aust)


• Reflexology – NCAHF (US)


• Effect of Reiki in post stroke rehabilitation – PubMed Library (US)

Therapeutic touch

• Therapeutic touch - Controversies about CAM - Friends of science in medicine (Aust)

Other Research

• Assessment: efficacy of transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation in the treatment of pain in neurologic disorders (an evidence-based review): – PUBMED (US)

• Asthma – the pros and cons of complementary treatments – NetDoctor (UK)

• Magnetic therapy – Small static magnets – Mad Scientist (US)

• Meditation therapy for anxiety disorders – Cochrane (UK)

• Pulsed electromagnetic Therapy – knee osteoarthritis - BMC (US)

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