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Drug & Alcohol Services

Alcoholics Anonymous (Aust)

Alcoholism and addictions Treatment help and information Recovery Resources Online (US)

Australian Drug Foundation (Aust)

Drug and alcohol services trusted resources - HealthInsite (Aust)

Drug Rehab Guide The Hills Treatment Centre (US)

Family Drug Support

Family Drug Support (Aust)

Giving Up Smoking

Action on Smoking & Health (ASH) Australia

Avoiding weight gain Quitsmoking (US)

Lung Foundation Australia

Narcotics Anonymous (Aust)

Quit Now - Australian Government

Information & Advice

All about drugs - Reachout Australia

Drug addiction & illicit drugs Health Info - Emedical (Aust)

Drug resource Drug Free America (US)

Free Substance Abuse Treatment Advice (US)

Petrol Northern Territory Government

Recovery (UK)

Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug information (US)

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